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Men's Treatments

Guys naturally feel uncomfortable entering salon’s which are traditionally viewed as a females' domain. At bodyNsoul we want all to feel welcome whether male or female. Most, if not all, our treatments are unixsex, however we do recognize the differences between the genders and their expectations of a salon experience which is why we have launched a treatment range geared towards a man’s needs.

For Him Sports Facial
A comprehensive skin consultation will lead to a customised deep cleansing and exfoliating scrub. A pressure point massage with essential oils balances the skin while massage will relax your hands, feet or scalp. £45
Deluxe Back Treatment
Deep cleansing and purifying ingredients are used to decongest and refine the skin. A relaxing back massage completes the treatment, leaving the skin toned, refined and refreshed. £36
For Him Hands & Feet...
The nail products we use are exclusive to men and provide a natural matt finish to maintain your macho image! £25