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Tanning Treatments

We offer a range of tanning treatments to keep you buffed and bronze!

Sienna Spray Tan
For those who want great results quick-time, this tanning system enables you to turn the dream of a perfect sunless tan into a reality in only 10 mins! Applied with our professional Airbrush system. As seen on Strictly Come Dancing. 
Full Body £28.50  Top Up £15 (within 7days)

Sunbed Tanning
We have the KBL Mega Sun Ultra-powered 7000. With digital touch screen controls, 10 vented air units per bed, 500-watt face tanning system, providing filters with vapour deposited layers for sensitive skin.

Our sunbed complies with EU legislation therefore having a reduced UVB ray output (0.003%) this reduces this risk of burning and is the safest tanning bed to use.

You must be over 18 years old (photo ID  required) to use the sunbed.

Tanning Sessions
3 minutes
 6 minutes
 9 minutes
 12 minutes
 15 minutes
 Courses available
 from £30