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Hopi Ear Candling

Thermo Auricular Therapy is a pleasant and non-evasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions. Hopi Candles have been found to be helpful with: excessive or compacted wax in the ears, irritation in ears and sinuses, pressure regulation in cases of  sinusitis, rhinitis, glue ear, colds,  flu,  headaches and migraine. £35


CBD Full Body Massage

Our CBD full body massage is the perfect massage for bringing about homeostasis within the body and balancing the body. This is obtained through using CBD oil and reflexology. Your treatment begins with taking 2-3 drops of 1000mg CBD oil orally (optional) we then identify your areas of concern using our reflexology body map. Next we apply our hemp balm directly to the relevant reflex points whilst playing a short meditation. We then add 2500mg hemp oil to our massage oil and begin the full body massage focusing on your areas of concern. This massage is great for everybody but particularly benefits those who suffer with chronic pain and autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia.
70 minutes £60


CBD Facial

CBD products offers a three-pronged skincare approach – it is anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. La Rue Verte products are perfect for all skin types, whether the customer has sensitive and dry or acne prone skin there is a plan for everyone. £65

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind. A crystal therapist will place healing crystals on or around a client to help unblock, focus and direct energy.
Crystal healing/massage is a completely bespoke treatment tailored to your needs. 45 minutes £45.00

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We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us, and we experience a sense of well being.

There are many variations of Reiki, but in essence Reiki treatments can help the body emotionally or spiritually. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system.

Reiki treatment is a process that anyone can enjoy in the normal course of their life. Reiki can be used alongside other conventional or complementary treatment and often helps to provide emotional support during recovery.

Treatment is given by the therapist placing their hands gently on your body in a pre-determined sequence of hand positions, spending several minutes holding each position. These hand positions are non-intrusive and cover both the front and back of the body and are sometimes varied to give Reiki to areas where it is specifically needed. If you find any of the hand positions uncomfortable please tell the practitioner. The touch should be gentle, light and comfortable; there is no massage or manipulation. You may feel sensations such as heat, tingling, coolness or throbbing under the practitioners' hands or in other parts of your body, or you may feel very little. Many people experience a sense of well being and relaxation, or fall asleep; sometimes a treatment is energizing. There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki.

45 Minutes £45 

Reiki treatment is a process that anyone can enjoy in the normal course of their life. Reiki can be used alongside other conventional or complementary treatment and often helps to provide emotional support during recovery. 



Using only state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee this treatment will exceed your expectations. This is a fantastic treatment involving massage and measured pressure to reflex areas found in the feet and hands. Not only known to treat stress and tension, but also widely recognised to aid the treatment of migraine, hormonal imbalances, digestion and circulatory problems. £40vice is highly customizable so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise. If you’re interested in this service contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members.

Newborn Baby Foot

Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology massage may help couples experiencing fertility problems by promoting blood circulation around the body and strengthening the immune sysytem and balancing hormones necessary for conception to occur. Reflexology may help to regulate periods, promote ovulation, reduce PMS and increase sperm quality and quantity.£45

Reflexology Therapy

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology is a branch of reflexology aimed specifically at women during pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.
During your pregnancy, your body will go through significant changes; these changes will affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body. Reflexology can help to alleviate or prevent discomfort arising from this imbalance and restore the body’s equilibrium.
Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour, with subjects often requiring less pain-relief during the course of delivery. £45

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Pro Crystallage Facial

Pro Crystallage Facial using the healing power of Amethyst crystals, heated salt bolsters & the soothing sounds of the Koshi chime in addition to the power of Dead Sea minerals for your skin this is the ultimate healing facial..
75 Minutes £75

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